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26.1        Accident and injury-free operations shall be the goal of the Employer and all employees.

To this end, the Employer shall from time to time issue rules or notices to employees regarding on-the-job safety requirements.  Any employee violating such rules or notices shall be subject to disciplinary action.  No employee may be discharged for refusing to work under unsafe conditions.

26.2        Such safety equipment as required by governmental regulation shall be provided without cost to the employee.  At the Employer’s option, the employees may be required to sign for safety equipment and shall be obligated to return same upon discharge, layoff, quit or other termination in comparable condition as when issued, providing reasonable wear and tear.  The Employer shall have the right to withhold the cost of such safety equipment if not returned.

26.3        The Employer agrees to provide through the Environmental Health and Safety Office, personal protective equipment  Employees must contact the Facility Planning Office to obtain preauthorization for safety shoes and equipment.  This shall apply only to those employees who are required to wear protective shoes or boots, etc. by the Employer.  Each piece of required safety equipment will be replaced once during the term of this agreement.

26.4 The Employer will cover the cost of physical exams required by the Department of Transportation’s Federal Regulations for employees who continue to hold proper CDL certification as a bus driver.  In addition, the employer agrees to cover the cost of maintaining CDL licensure only for employees who are not normally required by the district to hold such licensure and who have only agreed to maintain their CDL at the district’s request in order to provide flexibility and service to the District as needed.

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