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AFSCME MN Council 5 offers three scholarships; two for high school seniors just beginning their higher education, and one for members continuing their own education. 

Richard E. Patterson Scholarship: 

The Richard Patterson Scholarship was established in 1989 to honor the memory of the devoted union activist who was a leader of City of St. Paul Local 1842 and who was the first Treasurer of old AFSCME Council 14. The scholarship is designed to assist the children of Council 5 members who wish to attend an accredited post-secondary Minnesota or Wisconsin institution. An applicant's parent or legal guardian must be a member in good standing of a local union represented by AFSCME MN Council 5. They must be a 2014 graduating high school senior planning to enter college in 2014. Winners will be selected by lot. Only one application per person is allowed. A winner and an alternate will be drawn by lot at the May, 2014 Chair Officers meeting. The $1,000 award will be presented at the 2014 AFSCME MN CouncilS Convention, September 13th, in Bloomington, MN. 

Clarence J. Moss Scholarship: 

The Clarence J. Moss Scholarship was established in 1983 to honor the longtime activist union member from Local 1011. It is designed to assist the children of Council 5 members who will enter a Minnesota public institution of higher learning. Applicants must be graduating high school seniors, the child or dependent of an AFSCME MN Council 5 member in good standing, and planning to enter college in 2014.  A typewritten 500-word essay on the theme, "What AFSCME MN CouncilS Means to Our Family", must accompany the application. The winner will be chosen by a three-member panel. The $500 award will be presented at the 2014 AFSCME MN Council 5 Convention, September 13th, in Bloomington, MN. 

Robert Norberg Scholarship:

The Robert Norberg Scholarship was created to honor the memory and accomplishments of Bob Norberg, longtime AFSCME member and staff representative, who passed away in 1998. It is designed for use by adult members of Council 5 working to continue their education at Minnesota public institutions of higher learning. Applicants must be members in good standing of local unions represented by AFSCME MN Council 5, either: currently a member for at least six months, a member laid off within the last six months, a retired member, or a member on disability. Two (2) winners will be selected by lot, by the wife and children of Bob Norberg. Two $250 awards will be presented at the 2014 AFSCME MN Council5 Convention, September 13th, in Bloomington MN. If interested in applying for one of the scholarships offered, fill out and return the attached scholarship form.

The deadline for applications for all of the above scholarships is Friday, May 2, 2014

Dear Affiliates:

The Minnesota AFL-CIO is proud to have scholarships available for union members and their dependents.  Enclosed please find the 2014 Minnesota AFL-CIO and Martin Duffy Adult Learner Scholarship application forms. 

The Minnesota AFL-CIO scholarship is awarded to five {5) recipients in 2014 to graduating high school seniors who are union members or the dependents of union members.

Sponsored and funded by the Minnesota AFL-CIO, the Martin Duffy Adult Learner Scholarship has two {2) scholarships available this year. It's a tuition scholarship awarded to Minnesota union members who are affiliated with the Minnesota AFL-CIO.

The scholarship application deadline for both scholarships is Apri/30, 2014.

See the scholarship forms for details of eligibility requirements.

Application and information forms are enclosed and are also available at the Minnesota AFL-CIO web site at www.mnaflcio.org.

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship programs offered by the Minnesota AFL-CIO, check out our web site or contact Lori Williams, at 651-227-7647 or toll-free at 1-800-652-9004. For questions on the Martin Duffy Adult Learner Scholarship, contact Labor Education Service, U of M, 612-624-5020.

Martin Hoerth,
Mar 18, 2014, 10:56 AM