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Volunteer Member Organizer

The Volunteer Member Organizer is a program that transforms regular members of a union into full fledge organizers.  The program provides all the training that you need and has a professional Organizer team up with you to talk to unorganized workers about forming a union at their workplace.  AFSCME will pay your regular salary that you received from the program and in return you will be working 10 hour days (that's where the volunteer part comes in).  This is a great opportunity for our 10 and 11 month contract workers, but is also available for members who would be willing to take a leave of absence from their job.  Our contract allows for up to a year leave to do things like this although your benefits would only be retained for a 2 pay periods - Section 9.9

With the Child Care bill making it's way through the legislature AFSCME will be ramping up it's operations to organize the over 9,000 Child Care Workers.  The VMO jobs are not guaranteed but they will attempt to work with your schedule and might be able to make part or all of your time off work.  Sign up today with our Minnesota Organizers or come to our May 9th membership meeting to meet with Organizers from the program.

Here is a link to the national Volunteer Member Organizer program.