Dear Members of AFSCME Local 844,

 Welcome to your union.  Since the Swearing in of Officers in March the leadership has been busy developing a vision for what we want to see in our Union.  One of the sadly lacking areas in SPPS is the lack of communication.  Just because the administration is unwilling to communicate does not mean that we have to follow their lead. We have worked quickly to get this website up as a start to a conversation.  Everyone knows that communication is a two way street and that while this is our attempt to get useful information to you, we need you to get feedback to us on what works, what doesn’t work, and what’s missing.

 We also have plans in the works for how to get more of you involved.   We currently are looking for stewards so if you are interested or just want to explore the possibility let us know.  We are also looking at reinstating Member Action Team and offering a smaller role of responsibility than a steward to anyone interested.  These members will help us keep track of people coming and going in our job titles and relay information to other members.   We are still working out the details on this, but look for it in the near future.

 Many challenges lie ahead for us is the understatement.  Looking around the country you can find many examples of rights and benefits being taken away from union workers and just workers in general.  People said that we had to take cuts and we did as a union.  We have lost a lot of good workers and still have people on lay off.  As the country rebounds it is time to take back what we have lost.  And the only way we will get it back is to fight for our jobs and benefits.  The administration is never going to just hand it back.

 As your new President, I am looking forward to addressing the challenges that face us and to accomplishing our vision for our jobs, our schools, and our communities.

 So join us!   Offer your unique talents and skills and I promise that we will put them to work.  Take a few minutes each week to help us organize for our future.  There is plenty of work to be done, but with many hands the work is made light.

 United, we will build this union into what we need for the future.


Martin Hoerth

President, AFSCME 844

Field Support Technician, Saint Paul Public Schools

(612) 978-7929