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Please send us your contract info to so that we can send you information on our contract negotiations.  Contact Info

Scholarships for children of Members and adult learning for Members.

With the threat of a Layoff still pending, here are some resources to help you during difficult times.  Read More

In an effort to pressure the Board to negotiate here is a letter written to the Board of Education.  Read Letter

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In a reminder that email is a postcard, the Administration and Board of Education has taken it upon themselves to read our communication to our Members, so we have decided to publish for the public as well.  Read Letter

Raising the state’s minimum wage to $9.50 an hour would give 

357,000 Minnesota workers a pay raise. It would increase spending 

power in the state by nearly half a billion dollars a year.

Raise the Wage Rally: Feb. 25th, Capitol Rotunda 3 p.m.  Read More

Everyone is invited to Council 5's Next Wave Holiday Party Friday Dec 6th.  This group for new and young members is trying to bridge the divide between old and young and pass knowledge from the retirees to the next generation of leaders of our union.  Read More

Nolan is a 2 year old with Stage 3 Cancer.  Nolan’s parents, Sean and Holly Mullaney, both work in the St. Paul Public Schools - Sean in Nutrition Services at 1930 Como, Holly at Bruce Vento elementary.  Read More

We will be phone banking for our School Board Candidates on October 28th.  Please join us to make a difference for our schools and jobs. Read More

Read her Obituary here.

Join us Aug 4th for the 2013 AFSCME Council 5 Family Picnic. Read More

Our vision for building a strong union of Clerical and Technical Workers at Saint Paul Public Schools.  A message from new AFSCME Local 844 President Martin Hoerth.

AFSCME Council 5 has endorsed John Broderick and Jean O'Connell for the SPPS Board of education.         Read more

Contact your legislators today to stop Health Insurance reforms from affecting you.  Read more

    Do you work a 10 or 11 month contract position? Come work for AFSCME this summer organizing the future of our union.  You will continue to receive your regular pay while making are union stronger by growing our Minnesota membership.  Join us at our membership meeting on May 9th to learn more about this exciting opportunity.         Read More  

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