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11.1 Employer shall avoid, whenever possible, working an employee on an out‑of‑class assignment for a prolonged period of time.  Any employee working an out-of-class assignment for a period in excess of fifteen (15) working days during a year shall receive the rate of pay for the out-of-class assignment in a higher classification not later than the sixteenth (16th) day of such assignment.  For purposes of this Article, an out-of-class assignment is defined as an assignment of an employee to perform, on a full-time basis, all of the significant duties and responsibilities of a position different from the employee’s regular position, and which is in a classification higher than the classification held by such employee.  The rate of pay for an approved out-of-class assignment shall be the same rate the employee would receive if such employee received a regular appointment to the higher classification.

11.2 For the following classifications, the provisions of 11.1 shall not apply to performance of the duties of the next higher classification in the job series:

Clerk I BOE

Clerk-Typist I BOE

Data Entry Operator I BOE

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