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17.1 Discipline will be administered for just cause only.  Discipline will be in the form of the following actions.  Such actions may be taken in an order different from that listed here, based on the specific employee action. The parties understand that the administration of discipline as defined in Article 17 shall be discussed and provided in a confidential setting.

17.1.1 Oral reprimand;

17.1.2 Written reprimand;

17.1.3 Suspension;

17.1.4 Reduction;

17.1.5 Discharge.

17.2 Any written reprimand made concerning any member of this bargaining unit which is filed with the Human Resource Department or within any Employer department, shall be shown to the member before it is placed on file.  Before the reprimand is placed on file, the Employer shall request from the employee an acknowledgment, in writing, that the reprimand has been read by said employee.

17.3 Suspensions, reductions, and discharges will be in written form. 

17.4 Employees and the Union will receive copies of written reprimands and notices of suspension and discharge. 

17.5 Employees may examine all information in their Employer personnel files that concerns work evaluations, commendations and/or disciplinary actions.  Files may be examined at reasonable times under the direct supervision of the Employer.

17.6 Preliminary review.  Prior to issuing a disciplinary action of unpaid suspension, demotion, or discharge, the supervisor will make a recommendation to his/her supervisor regarding proposed discipline.  That supervisor will then offer to meet with the employee prior to making a final determination of the proposed discipline.  The employee shall have the opportunity to have Union representation present and be provided the opportunity to speak on his/her behalf regarding the proposed action.  If the employee is unable to meet with the supervisor, the employee will be given the opportunity to respond in writing.

17.7 An employee to be questioned concerning an investigation of disciplinary action shall have the right to request that a Union representative be present.

17.8 A grievance relating to this Article shall be processed in accordance with the grievance procedure in Article 19 of this Agreement.  This provision is not intended to abrogate rights of veterans pursuant to statute.

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