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20.1 It is recognized that temporary employees are within the unit covered by this Agreement, however, except as specifically provided by this Agreement, temporary employees shall not have or acquire any rights or benefits other than specifically provided by the provisions of the Civil Service Rules and/or the Saint Paul Salary Plan and Rates of Compensation.


In cases of temporary work or pending selection of a permanent employee to fill a vacant position, appointment officers may fill a vacant position with a temporary employee. The appointing officer must indicate in making such a request that such employment is in fact temporary.  No person shall serve as a temporary employee and no position shall be filled by a temporary employee for more than 1,040 working hours or six (6) calendar months whichever comes first in any fiscal year provided that a temporary employee used to fill a position left temporarily vacant due to a permanent employee utilizing paid or unpaid leaves of absence may be used for the duration of the leave even if the leave exceeds 1,040 hours.


Persons on appropriate eligible lists shall be given, at the discretion of the Executive Director of Human Resources, preference in temporary appointment, and their names shall remain on all eligible lists for regular employment.


The Executive Director of Human Resources may alter the number of working days permitted upon determination that market conditions warrant an adjustment only with approval of the Union.  


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