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7.1 Holidays recognized and observed.  The following days shall be recognized and observed as paid holidays:

New Year’s Day Labor Day

Martin Luther King Day Thanksgiving Day

Presidents’ Day Day After Thanksgiving

Memorial Day Christmas Day

Independence Day

Eligible employees shall receive pay for each of the holidays listed above, on which they perform no work, provided the holiday falls within their work year.  Whenever any of the holidays listed above shall fall on Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be observed as the holiday.  Whenever any of the holidays listed above fall on Sunday, the succeeding Monday shall be observed as the holiday.  For those employees assigned to a work week other than Monday through Friday, the holiday shall be observed on the calendar date of the holiday.

7.2 Eligibility Requirements.  To be eligible for holiday pay, employees must be active on the payroll the day of the holiday.  The holiday shall not be counted as a working day for the purposes of this Article.

7.3 Notwithstanding Article 7.2, a temporary employee shall be eligible for holiday pay only after such employee has been employed as a temporary employee for sixty-seven (67) consecutive workdays.

7.4 If Martin Luther King Day or Presidents’ Day falls on a day when school is in session, the employee shall work that day at straight time and another day shall be designated as the holiday.  This designated holiday shall be determined by agreement between the employee and the supervisor.

7.5           Employees who work summer school and qualify under the eligibility requirements of 7.2 above shall be paid for the Independence Day holiday.

7.6           Employees who are required to work on a holiday listed in Article 7.1, except in situations defined in Article 7.4, shall be compensated on a time and one-half basis in addition to regular holiday pay.


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