2016 Additions Language

Saint Paul Public Schools I.S.D. 625


AFSCME, Council 5, Local 844

Representing Clerical & Technical Employees

Summary of Tentative Agreement

November 16, 2016

1. Nursing Duties MOU

This Memorandum of Understanding is by and between the Independent School District No.625 (hereinafter “District”) and the AFSCME, Local No. 844 (hereinafter “Union”) exclusive representative of members of the Clerical & Technical Employees bargaining unit. It is entered into for the sole purpose of defining training, training schedules and appropriate documentation and evaluation of medical designees.

As part of the 2015-2017 AFSCME contract agreement, SPPS and AFSCME agreed that the District and the Union will meet in conjunction with the Student Wellness Supervisor and Environmental Service Manager to coordinate training needs, a training and refresher schedules, documentation, and evaluation process for medical designee competency.

Both parties agree to participate in an interest based process, with a third-party mediator to assist in this process. This meeting will convene on a non-student contact day at a mutually determined time by the third-party mediator after contract ratification.

2. Part Time Break Language TA 10-17-16


6.4 Employees working less than an 8 hour normal workday shall be provided Rest Breaks per the following Schedule, observing the guidance in 6.1 and 6.2 (above):

Employee Assigned to Work Rest Breaks Provided

Four (4) Hours One 15 Minute Break

Six (6) Hours or more One Fifteen (15) - Minute Break

One Ten (10) - Minute Break

3. Vacation in June

ARTICLE 8. VACATION 8.2.3 Ten (10) month employees may use accrued vacation during the period of summer break up to June 30 with the approval of their supervisor. Any employee wishing to use vacation during the summer break period up to June 30 must submit such a request no later than April 1 of the current school year. If the employee does not receive a written acknowledgment of the approval to use vacation within 30 days of submittal, the request by the employee shall be deemed to have been approved.

4. Article 28 Training and Education (Remove and move to LMC)

28.1 When training is needed due to an implementation of a new system, an upgrade to existing system, or a change in job duties, etc. the employer shall provide such training at no cost to the employee or shall reimburse the employee for any registration fees or tuition and mileage to and from the training site and the employee’s home or if during the employee’s regular work day, the employee’s assigned work location. If such training is during the employee’s regular workday, they may attend with no loss of wages. The employer shall provide coverage if needed so that the employee may attend.

5. Return Bargaining Unit Work to Bargaining Unit Members TA 9-28-16, filed w/BMS

Parties will schedule a pre-hearing conference at the BMS.

6. Renew Continuous Operations Memorandum of Agreement TA 9-28-16

7. 9.1.2 Compensatory Leaves TA 9-28-16

Old language

9.1.2 Employees may use up to one hundred twenty (120) hours per calendar year for hours

off due to sickness or disability of a parent, spouse, or a member of his/her household or

to make arrangements for the care of such sick or disabled persons. These hours when

used are deducted from sick leave.

New language

9.1.2 Family Illness. Employees may use accumulated sick leave for hours off due to

sudden illness, sickness injury or disability of a parent or a member of their

household or to make arrangements for the care of such sick or disabled persons up to a

maximum of eight twelve hours sick leave per incident. Up to one hundred twenty sixty (1260) hours of accumulated sick leave may be used in a 12 month period to allow the employee to care for and attend to the illness or injury of his/her adult child, spouse, sibling, parent, grandparent, stepparent or member of household, unless otherwise in accordance with Minnesota §181.9413. These hours when used are deducted from sick leave.


· Year 1,

2% effective July 9, 2016, steps

· Year 2,

2 % effective July 8, 2017, steps

Effective July 9, 2016

$15 per Hour Minimum Wage Move current incumbents in affected grades 9, 10 & 14 to $15 rates in year 1. Apply COLA to all of salary schedule in year 2.

Change the salary schedule for grades 9, 10, and 14 to:

Article 14, Section 1, Active Employee Health Insurance, 1.5 Employer Contribution Amount – Full Time Employees

Year 1

District increase contribution $10 Single, $20.00 to single+1/family effective January 1, 2017

Year 2

District increase contribution $15.00 to single & $20.00 to single+1/family effective January 1, 2018