Parental Leave

9.5.1 Parental leave is a leave without pay or benefits which shall be granted upon request subject to the provisions of this Section. It may be granted for reasons of adoption or pregnancy and/or the need to provide parental care for a child or children of the employee for an extended period of time immediately following adoptionor the conclusion of pregnancy; such period of leave shall be no longer than one calendar year in length. Leave up to six (6) calendar months shall be granted uponrequest. Leave for more than six (6) calendar months is at the discretion of the Employer.

9.5.2 In the case of pregnancy, an employee who wishes to use a period of (paid) earned sick leave at the time of pregnancy and delivery-related disability, may request unpaid parental leave for a period following the use of earned sick leave; however, sick leave time shall not be granted within (during the course of) a period ofunpaid parental leave. The employee requesting such sequential leave shall submit an application in writing to the District Executive Director of Human Resources notlater than twelve (12) weeks in advance of the anticipated date of delivery. The employee will be required to submit, at the time of use, appropriate medicalverification for the sick leave time claimed.

9.5.3 In the case of adoption, the employee shall submit to the District Executive Director of Human Resources a written application including the anticipated dateof placement of the child, at least twelve (12) weeks in advance of the anticipated date of placement, or earlier if possible. Documentation will be required.

9.5.4 When an employee is returning from parental leave extending over a period of six (6) calendar months or less, the employee shall be placed, at the beginningof the first pay period following the scheduled date of return, in the same position held prior to the leave or, if necessary, in an equivalent position.

9.5.5 When an employee has requested and been granted leave for a period longer than six (6) calendar months, but no more than twelve (12) calendar months, the employee will be placed in an equivalent position after the scheduled date of return as soon as an equivalent vacancy becomes available. For purposes of thisprovision, an equivalent vacancy is a position in the same title which exists, has no certified incumbent, which is to be filled, and for which no other person has rights.