8.1 Vacation credits shall accumulate at the rates shown below for each full hour on the payroll, excluding overtime. Years of service means calendar years of service, regardless of F.T.E.

*Calculations are based on 2,080 hour work year and shall be rounded off to the nearest hour.

8.2 The head of the department may permit an employee to carry over into the next "vacation year" up to one hundred eighty four (184) hours of vacation.

8.2.1 An employee who has more than one hundred eighty four (184) hours of accrued vacation remaining at the end of the last full pay period in October shalleither:

(a) be required to use the hours of vacation in excess of one hundred eighty four (184) hours prior to the end of the calendar year: or

(b) be compensated for hours in excess of one hundred eighty four (184) hours at end of year: or

(c) be provided an exception for additional carryover of vacation by means of approval of his/her department head.

Choice of option a, b, or c is at the discretion of the Employer.

8.2.2 For the purpose of this Article, the "vacation year" shall be the calendar year.

8.2.3 Ten (10) month employees may use accrued vacation during the period of summer break up to June 30 with the approval of their supervisor.

8.3 The above provisions of vacation shall be subject to the Saint Paul Salary Plan and Rates of Compensation, Section I, Subd. H.

8.4 Sick leave accumulation in excess of 1,440 hours may be converted to paid vacation time at a ratio of two (2) hours of sick leave time for one (1) hour of vacation time, to a maximum of five (5) regularly assigned workdays (not to exceed a total of forty (40) hours in any year.

There shall be no conversion of unused sick leave in any amount at any time to any cash payment other than the above-described conversion to vacation time or pay inArticle 13.

8.5 At the time that an employee retires, resigns or otherwise ends their employment relationship with the District, they shall be paid for all accrued butunused vacation hours at the rate of pay in place at the time of separation.