New Employees

Welcome to the bargaining unit! Clerical and Technical employees in Local 844 work together to secure a fair contract, then to enforce that contract. If you're a new SPPS employee in a clerical or technical position, please contact the Union Leadership for information about membership in Local 844.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to become a member?

    • A large and diverse membership is the main source of a Union's strength.

    • As a member you are showing support for our accomplishments, both past and future.

    • When our Union makes decisions together in elections and meetings it is the membership who participate in those decisions.

    • A high membership rate also creates the potential for us to negotiate strong contracts.

How do I become a member?

To change your status from fairshare to member, fill out and sign a membership card. Please call the union or email us to have someone bring or send you a card. If you're not sure whether you're fairshare or a member, contact us.

What does 'fairshare' mean?

When you start working at the SPPS, you are automatically classified as "fairshare." This means that you are represented by the union in contract negotiations and you receive the benefits of the union (steward help, contract gains, etc.), but you only pay 77% of the full dues and you cannot vote in the local union leadership elections or on whether to accept a contract or to reject it and authorize a strike. The "fairshare" and "member" distinction is mandated by Minnesota state law in the Public Employees Relations Act (PELRA). All bargaining unit-represented public employees in Minnesota have the right to be a union member or to refuse to be a member and thus be classified as "fairshare."