Business Clerk

General Information

Highland Park Senior High has a Business Clerk position available effective August, 2013.

This position is posted for internal transfer candidates (current Business Clerks) who wish to transfer and to create a promotional list of candidates from other internal staff.


Minimum Qualifications:

Four years of clerical experience, at least two years of which must have been as a Clerk-Typist 2 or equivalent at an elementary or secondary school or for an educational program, or as an Accounting Clerk 1 or equivalent.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

    • Knowledge of basic governmental accounting.

    • Knowledge of basic bookkeeping practices and procedures.

    • Knowledge of office practices and procedures.

    • Knowledge of software packages, including accounting, word processing, spreadsheet, and database software.

    • Skill in the operation of office equipment, including a microcomputer, computer terminals and printers.

    • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

    • Ability to interact effectively with students, parents, other program or school employees, vendors, contractors, and/or the general public, representing a diversity of cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

    • Ability to make arithmetic computation with speed and accuracy.

    • Ability to follow complex oral and written instructions.

    • Ability to perform work that requires close attention to detail.

    • Ability to set priorities and to meet deadlines.


This position is for internal transfer and promotional only. Only candidates who currently hold the title of Business Clerk or meet the Civil Service promotional definition will be considered further.


Online assessment - Weight - 70%

Oral Interview - Weight - 30%

All applications received by the closing date will be screened for minimum qualifications. If you meet the minimum qualifications for the position you will be notified of the examination schedule and location by the Human Resource Department.


The listed examples may not include all the duties performed by all positions in this class.

    • Utilizes District budget register system; designs databases and/or spreadsheets as required to maintain program or school budgets, petty cash or grant accounts; generates routine reports as requested by administrator or other staff as appropriate.

    • Distributes monies in program or school budgets as appropriate; maintains correct balances for individual budgets; monitors expenditures; prepares routine budget reports; reports status of budget to principal or unit supervisor.

    • Posts data to various accounts; audits ledgers and related records for accuracy; runs a trial balance; reconciles balances with district records.

    • Prepares pay vouchers and billings; writes checks for petty cash or other accounts as appropriate; balances petty cash bank statement.

    • Reconciles cash receipts and verifies that amounts are correct; prepares receipts for cash received; prepares bank deposits.

    • Schedules buses and/or cabs for field trips; audits related costs and charges to appropriate budget.

    • Assists at program or school counter; answers telephone, receives visitors and takes messages; determines nature of inquiries; supplies information requiring a working knowledge of the program or school and district operations; directs individuals to other appropriate staff as necessary.

    • Processes routine complaints by explanation of program or school policies and procedures, verification of records, correction of records, or referral to higher authority.

    • Researches best prices for equipment, supplies and services required by the program or school; contacts vendors by letter or telephone to gather information; contacts district purchasing department for larger purchases to indicate the vendor selected.

    • Orders equipment and supplies as appropriate; ensures that orders are received; corresponds with vendors by letter or telephone to solve problems with orders; generates payment and ensures that appropriate budgets are charged; contacts custodial staff to ensure that orders are distributed as appropriate.

    • Maintains property control records and inventory of program or school equipment and supplies.

    • Drafts and distributes memos to program or school staff about policies and procedures relating to budgets and the ordering of equipment and supplies.

    • Performs a variety of skilled clerical projects that may be required to enhance the operation of a particular program or school location.

    • Types and/or word processes complex, technical, or involved materials, which require independent judgment and the ability to rearrange, expand, segregate or tabulate.

    • Operates a computer for data entry, file maintenance, reports, word processing, and information gathering and/or retrieval.

    • Acts as back-up for higher level clerical staff at the program or school and performs duties such as; processing payroll forms; maintaining time sheet and employee leave records; reviewing payroll and distributing checks; using the Substitute Call-In Line; setting-up substitute teachers or related duties.

Pay,Benefits, & Work Schedule

This is a full-time position that follows the 10-month school calendar.

Salary and benefits are in accordance with the AFSCME negotiated labor agreement. The labor agreement and salary schedule can be found at

Benefits are available to new employees after 30 days of active employment. Benefits include medical insurance, life insurance, sick leave, pension plan, tax-free retirement account, and flexible spending account. Some employee groups also receive vacation, dental insurance and disability insurance. A benefits summary is available at