Payroll Clerk 2

Minimum Qualifications

High school graduation and five years of clerical experience at least two of which must have been as a Payroll Clerk 1 or equivalent.

Preferred Qualfications

PeopleSoft time and labor experience.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

    • Considerable knowledge of Civil Service rules and bargaining unit contract language relating to payroll administration and time records.

    • Working knowledge of modern office practices and procedures.

    • Working knowledge of a basic bookkeeping practices and procedures.

    • Considerable skill in the operation of office equipment, including a personal computer.

    • Considerable ability to interact effectively with other employees representing diverse cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

    • Considerable ability to perform arithmetic computations.

    • Considerable ability to follow complex oral and written instructions.

    • Considerable ability to perform work that requires close attention to detail and to meet absolute deadlines.

    • Considerable ability to plan, coordinate and organize work.




Qualifications Review- Weight 70% pass/fail

Oral Examination - Weight 30% pass/fail

The Qualifiacations Review is a scored review of your education, training and experience in areas related to this position. You need to score at least 75% to pass.

The oral examination portion of this test may not be administered as determined by Human Resources.

Non-promotional eligible lists are generally pass/fail and promotional lists are ranked. The promotional list of eligibles is considered before the non-promotional list. The eligible list established from this selection process will be used to fill the current vacancy and may also be used to fill potential future vacancies in this title during the next year.


Typical Duties Performed

The listed examples may not include all the duties performed by all positions in this class.

    • Reviews time slips and resolves problems with the recording of hours worked or leave used as per bargaining unit contracts, Civil Service Rules and District policies.

    • Maintains records of payroll registers and time records including sick leave, vacation, comp time usage and worker's comp.

    • Audits payroll register against employee time records and adjusts when necessary.

    • Enters override account codes when appropriate for employee time worked (i.e., supplemental pay, overtime, Community Education hourly payroll and related types of pay).

    • Processes payroll adjustments for salaries, back pay or leave.

    • Compiles information for a variety of payroll reports; prepares reports or refers to supervisors for completion as appropriate.

    • Reviews union contracts and implements changes relating to payroll administration (e.g., changes in severance pay, leaves and other related changes) when contracts are ratified.

    • Enters employee payroll related information (e.g., deductions for insurance, union dues, taxes and related information) on the payroll system and adjusts as required.

    • Calculates pay outs of unused vacation, comp time and sick pay for retirements, resignations, terminations, lay offs and leaves of absence for more than one year; adjusts pension deduction and wages accordingly.

    • Processes checks and miscellaneous payroll inserts through folding, stuffing and stamping machines; distributes employee payroll checks to numerous locations throughout the School District.

    • Provides training as assistance to Payroll Clerk 1’s in the payroll unit.

    • Provides information and assistance to employees and supervisors concerning paychecks, payroll forms (e.g., summer pay, 26 Pay Plan, direct deposit, W-4, W-2, tax shelters and US Savings Bonds), and other requirements relating to payroll administration.

    • Verifies and enters account and earnings codes and new pay methods for current employees performing additional duties.

    • Tracks PERA eligibility for temporary employees; activates the PERA deduction when guidelines indicate.

    • Processes Supplemental Pay forms including verifying pay rate, type and account code; enters into the computer for payment.

    • Provides oral and written employment verifications for a variety of purposes; provides past employment verifications.

    • Responds to calls and walk-in inquiries regarding vacation, sick leave, paychecks, time slips, comp time balances and other related questions; researches information or calculates balances as necessary.

    • Ensures that information and dates entered for employees are correct and complete (e.g., check location, work location and social security number) when necessary.

    • Processes stop payments and re-issues checks for employees who notify the Payroll unit that their payroll checks are lost or stolen.

    • Establishes vacation and sick leave for employees who qualify.

    • Monitors changes in compensation data existing on the system as it relates to ensuring that the payroll is accurate; monitors status changes related to payroll processing (i.e., leave, pension and 403B deductions, direct deposit requests and related changes; troubleshoots related problems.)

    • Calculates and processes severance pay.

    • Provides on-site support for school/program payrolls.

    • Contribute to the District's Strong Schools, Strong Communities efforts by partnering with other staff to contribute to student achievement and the alignment and sustainability of resources.