Workers’ Rights and Recognition

Before, discipline occurred without representation. Now, trained union stewards are there to support you and enforce your contract.

Before, there were no internal hiring rights. Now, vacancies are posted and qualified internal candidates must be interviewed.

Job Security

Before, you could be laid off without notice. Now, our employer must give you four weeks notice.

Before, you could work for 20+ years and still be treated as a temp. Now, temporary jobs are limited.

Flexibility for Working Families

Before, your supervisor could tell you when to take your vacation. Now, your right to take care of yourself and your family is protected by our contract.

Before, schedules were imposed. Now, flexible work schedules and job sharing can be negotiated.

Salaries and Benefits

Before, we had no power over wages and forced furloughs. Now, we bargain with our employer as equals. This contract:

o we received a wage increase of 1.5 percent each year;

o we fully funded our step increases;

o we increased our health care benefits; and

o we mitigated layoffs during a budget crisis and recession.