Transportation Coordinator 2

General Information

Position Summary

Performs highly skilled technical work of a very complex nature involving the scheduling and routing of public, nonpublic, and charter school students transported by the school district. Schedules and places field, athletic, and Community Education trips. Coordinates transportation services with schools and bus contractors and monitors contractor route performance; and performs other related duties as required

Reporting Relationship

Reports to the Transportation Logistics Manager.


Minimum Qualifications

Two years of school bus route development, implementation and coordination work experience utilizing school bus transportation software; or three years of work experience involving the dispatching, scheduling, or coordination of school buses in a fleet operation of at least 100 school buses.

Must be available to work evenings and weekends as necessary.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

    • Extensive knowledge of Minnesota Statutes, Department of Public Safety Rules, and Department of Education Rules pertaining to pupil transportation.

    • Extensive knowledge of, and experience in, school bus operations, terminal organization, and school bus dispatching.

    • Extensive knowledge of the City of Saint Paul, including extensive familiarity with all areas of the City and the locations of Saint Paul Public, nonpublic, and charter schools

    • Considerable knowledge of, and experience in, special education transportation.

    • Considerable knowledge of school bus transportation scheduling software.

    • Some knowledge of Macintosh and Windows computer equipment Microsoft Office Suite, and Filemaker Pro database software.

    • Some knowledge of Motorola APCO 25 compliant 800 Mhz digital Trunked Two-way Radio Systems.

    • Considerable ability to communicate effectively with school bus contractors, students, parents, school personnel, and the general public.

    • Considerable ability to develop school bus routes (trips) and combine these trips into routes serving multiple schools in an efficient and cost effective manner.

    • Considerable ability to deal with hostile callers in a calm and professional manner.

    • Considerable ability to prepare discipline, student load, accidents, and other operational reports and studies as required.

    • Considerable ability to operate in a high stress environment and to react immediately to emergency situations, including accidents, severe weather conditions, and disciplinary disruptions on school buses.


A civil service test will be administered to create an eligible list of candidates for this classified civil service position. Once created, the list will be used for other Transportation Coordinator 2 vacancies that may occur for one year.

The test will be administered after the job posting closes and all applications are screened. you will be notified by Human Resources of the process.

EXAMINATION: This test is available for promotional and open entrance candidates.

Training and Experience Questionnaire.......................................Weight 70% pass/fail

Oral Interview.....................................................................................Weight 30% pass/fail

You will be notified of the results of the Training and Experience Questionnaire examination through email. Candidates who pass the questionnaire examination with a score of at least 75% will be contacted regarding the date and time of the Oral Interview examination. Candidates who pass BOTH examinations will be contacted regarding interview with the hiring manager.


The essential functions include, but are not limited to, the following fundamental duties:

    • Develops and maintains routes transporting public, non-public, and charter school students using the VersaTrans Routing and Planning software application; schedules transportation for SPPS students experiencing homelessness both within Saint Paul and within the Metro area; schedules transportation for students placed by the School District in special education settings outside of Saint Paul.

    • Schedules transportation for students placed in mental and chemical health care and treatment programs both within and outside of the District boundaries.

    • Monitors school bus routes using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology in the VersaTrans OnScreen software application and the individual GIS applications used by SPPS contractors including AmeriTrak, Zonar, Synovia, and Everyday Solutions.

    • Maintains the VersaTrans map and routing parameters including street, intersection, and location parameters, locations where student pick-up and drop-offs can and cannot be made, streets students can and cannot cross by grade level; and determines vehicle speed for routing purposes.

    • Assigns students to school bus stops, determines school bus stop sequence, determines the number of school bus routes needed, establishes routes and route combinations, and revises school bus routes from nightly downloads of student and address changes from CAMPUS, and revises route combinations as necessary.

    • Assigns school bus routes to contractors based upon bid rates.

    • Determines size and type of vehicle for each field, athletic, and Community Education trip, assigns trips to contractors based on bid rates; takes quotations for motor coach and/or out of town and extended trips; resolves any issues associated with field trips.

    • Schedules variations in bus service.

    • Supervises routes serving specific schools, responds to problems on those routes, and serves as liaison between the schools and the school bus contractors.

    • Monitors performance of school bus contractors, investigates complaints related to route operations, and takes action to correct the problem as necessary.

    • Assists school staff with questions related to the VersaTrans eLink application.

    • Responds to emergency situations involving route coverage caused by weather, accident, driver shortage, or other cause and coordinates route coverage with a SPPS or other contractor vehicle.

    • Researches the validity of all new addresses requested to be added to CAMPUS both within and outside of the School District boundaries and authorizes their inclusion in the CAMPUS address tables if determined to be valid.

    • Monitors compliance of School District and contractor drivers with District Policies and Guidelines, investigates parent and school complaints against drivers, and takes disciplinary action against contractors or drivers in accordance with contract provisions.

    • Determines safe student pickup/drop-off locations.

    • Determines student eligibility for school district provided transportation service and assigns students to buses.

    • Maintains records related to route operations, student discipline, and special transportation situations.

    • Coordinates transportation for field, athletic, Community Education trips, and special events.

    • Develops and coordinates transportation schedules for non-public special education services, Community Based special education programs and interschool programs.

    • Investigates and implements solutions for transportation related problems, including student discipline, property damage, complaints, and overloads.

    • Reviews video recordings of student conduct from school bus cameras and provides copies of pertinent events to school principals.

    • Maintains data files related to a number of areas including operational events, student discipline, and school bus loads.

    • Constructs and maintains attendance areas and address maps; maintains data related to school areas, valid addresses both inside and outside of the District, eligibility for transportation, route ridership loads, hazardous crossings, and other factors.

    • Interacts with various agencies, including other school districts, Saint Paul Police, Saint Paul Public Works Department, Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Minnesota Department of Education, State Patrol, Ramsey County Sheriff, and other governmental units.

    • Operates various types of equipment, including Macintosh and Windows computers, large format engineering copier, large format laminator, plotter, two-way radios, cellular telephones, hand-held and moving traffic radar, traffic laser, and evidentiary mobile video equipment.

    • Contributes to the District's Strong Schools, Strong Communities efforts by partnering with other staff to contribute to student achievement and the alignment and sustainability of resources.

    • Perform other related duties as assigned.