Sick Leave

9.1 Sick Leave. Sick leave shall accumulate at the rate of .0576 of a working hour for each full

hour on the payroll, excluding overtime. Sick leave accumulation is unlimited. To be

eligible for sick leave, the employee must report to his/her supervisor no later than one-half

hour past his/her regular scheduled starting time. The granting of sick leave shall be

subject to the terms and provisions of this Agreement. Any employee who has

accumulated sick leave as provided above shall be granted leave with pay, for such period

of time as the head of the department deems necessary for the following specified

allowable uses:

9.1.1 Personal Illness. Employees may use accumulated sick leave for hours off due to

personal illness. The employee may be required to furnish a medical certificate

from a qualified physician as evidence of illness or physical disability in order to

qualify for paid sick leave as per District practice. Accumulated sick leave may

also be granted for such time as is actually necessary for office visits to a doctor,

dentist, optometrist, etc.

9.1.2 Family Illness. Employees may use up to one hundred twenty (120) hours per

calendar year for hours off due to sickness or disability of a parent, spouse, or a

member of his/her household or to make arrangements for the care of such sick or

disabled persons. These hours when used are deducted from sick leave.

9.1.3 Sick Child Care Leave. Sick leave to care for a sick child shall be granted on the

same terms as the employee is able to use sick leave for the employee's own

illness. This leave shall only be granted pursuant to M.S. §181.9413 and shall

remain available as provided in Statute.

9.1.4 Bereavement Leave. A leave of absence with pay, not to exceed five (5) days,

shall be granted because of the death of an employee's spouse, child or step child,

parent or step-parent, and regular members of the immediate household. Up to

three (3) days shall be granted because of death of other members of the

employee's immediate family. Other members of the immediate family shall mean

sister or step sister, brother or step brother, grandparent, grandchild, parent-in-law,

son-in-law or daughter-in-law. Leave of absence for one (1) day shall be granted

because of death of other close relatives. Other close relatives shall mean uncle;

aunt, nephew, niece, brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Travel Extension: If an employee is required to travel beyond a two-hundred (200)

mile radius of Saint Paul for purposes related to eligible bereavement leave, two

(2) additional days of sick leave may be used. Employee, if requested, shall

provide the Human Resource Department verification of the funeral location

outside of Saint Paul.

9.1.5 Adoption Leave and Father with Newborn Child. Up to thirty (30) days of

accumulated sick leave may be used in a contract year to attend to adoption

procedures or care for a newly-adopted child or for a father with a newborn child.

Use of these thirty (30) days does not need to occur consecutively. The thirty (30)

days of sick leave for fathers of newborns must be used within six (6) weeks

surrounding the birth of the child. For adoptfon the thirty (30) days of sick leave

may be used for adoption processes or up to six (6) weeks following the adoption.

Upon completion of the adoption process additional sick leave may be allowed for

the care of a sick child as required by M.S. §181.9413.